Upward Bound Preschool

Lutheran Church of Our Savior is truly blessed to have a preschool like Upward Bound.
This program began in December 2000 with an enrollment of 12 students in a 1/2 day program. We now have two buildings with a capacity of 24 students in each building. Our enrollment averages 60 to 75 families. We offer full day and 1/2 day programs with a school staff of qualified teachers and assistants. Chapel is part of our everyday program. We take field trips on occasion to support our themes. Visits from our community friends is always a special treat.

Preschool Director: Deborah Maddison
4725 S. Bradley Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455
Building 1- (805) 938-5121
Building 2- (805) 938-0594

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Preschool Program



Upward Bound Preschool is open from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. We have four classes of 12 students every day. That brings our daily enrollment to 48 with 7 employees. We offer both half day programs and full day programs ranging from 2 - 5 days a week.

Every month from September through May we choose a cultural child, a community helper and 2 letters to give us the basis of our lesson plans. The rest of the month's format is built around 2 religious projects each month, crafts to support the seasonal themes and some fun science and cooking activities. Our early class time runs on average 50 - 60 minutes with an additional 45 minutes for outdoor play. When we return indoors the classes switch places and there is another 50-60 minutes donated either to crafts or academics.

Chapel is a big part of who we are at Upward Bound. During the school year (Sept.- May) we take the children down to the Church on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. On Mondays and Thursdays they share and learn about God through music and dance. On Fridays we recap what we've talked about and learned. To enrich their christian experience, we have a project that we share with them to reinforce the weeks lesson. We teach basic Christian values through the use of Bible stories, Bible verses and prayer.



We serve a morning snack to all the children in attendance and another afternoon snack for the children that stay all day. Children that stay for lunch and rest time bring their lunches from home. We do provide a beverage with their lunch, most often it's milk, sometimes juice. The children that stay for a full day have a rest period of about 1 1/2 hours. Books and music are used to aide them in resting.

Since adding "Zoo Phonics" to our program, we have seen the interest level and excitement of the children increase and they have begun to do a lot of sight reading. All ages seem to really enjoy this format for learning phonics. The teachers use flash cards, audio tapes and songs to help the children learn their letters, as well as recognizing their names and the phonetic sounds.

Here at Upward Bound we are very animal friendly. We have been known to have tarantulas, guinea pigs, rabbits, frogs, toads, fish, turtles and even a snake. Oh yes let's not forget our lesson on silk worms, earth worms and meal worms. Children learn best through activities and hands on approach.

Upward Bound is excited to announce our association with the Outdoor Program and the Foods Program. We strive to provide the children with the best care possible. If you'd like a tour or would like to know more about our programs please contact me by phone.

The school's number is (805) 938-5121.

My name is Molly and I'd be happy to share with you the great things about Upward Bound Preschool.

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The teachers at Upward Bound Preschool believe that every child has a right to a positive school experience. Classrooms are designed for children to actively learn through discovery with a variety of hands-on activities while teaching the word of God.

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